Looking after your vehicle’s battery

To avoid an expensive service and being stranded, take a good care of your car battery. Battery is one of the most important parts of a car. In short, if your battery fails, your car won’t start. Here are some useful battery care tips that can help you to preserve the life of your battery for as long as possible.

  1. Make sure the battery terminals are clean and dry. Check both positive and negative terminals of the battery monthly. Keep the battery clean and dry to prevent corrosion and ensure the battery can deliver maximum power.
  1. If the battery is three to five years old, corrosion build-up on the terminals and it can affect the battery’s performance. You can use baking soda and boiling water to clean the cables and the terminals, but disconnect terminals before cleaning. Dry the terminals and cables and reconnect them, positive first and negative last.
  1. If the battery needs water, use clean and distilled water. Make sure the water level in the battery reaches the cell neck. This electrolytic solution is required by the battery for energy conversion.
  1. Check the charge of the battery with a tester. If the result shows that the charge of the battery is not optimal, take appropriate action.
  1. Loose connections of terminals and cables result in loss of power, so keep the connections clean and tight. Tighten any loose connections or terminals with an appropriate size of spanner. Make sure the spanner doesn’t touch any part of the car’s body.
  1. If you often use your car, prevent the battery from self discharge by connecting it to the charger. Use battery charger that matches to the battery’s size.
  1. Test your battery on a regular basis, especially before long trips. Always wear protective gloves when you are dealing with the battery. Batteries contain a mix of distilled water and acid, which can burn skin.

With proper care and maintenance you can ensure maximum life of your battery and protect your investment.

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