Five ways to prepare your car for winter

As the weather begins to get colder, snowy and icy, hazard conditions and safety concerns starts to increase. Therefore, it is important to have your car ready for safety during the cold temperatures and potential hazardous driving conditions. It will take little bit of time and money to prepare car for the cold weather but it can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Here are five things to focus on while preparing your car for winter weather.

  1. Check your car battery to make sure it is charged and does not need replacement. Cold temperature can decrease battery’s power by 50 percent. So before getting stuck in inconvenient places, have your car’s battery tested at a reputable garage.
  1. The quality of tires is important to maintain the stability of car in rough winter weather. Tires are filled with air so your tire pressure decreases as the temperature drops outside. This can create dangerous under-inflation conditions and decreases gas mileage and traction. A slightly under inflated car tire will give you better traction on slick roads than a fully inflated tire. It is important to check the tread depth and make sure your tires don’t need to be replaced.
  1. Check your windshield wipers to make sure that they are in good condition otherwise you could face terrible situation in case of not having a clear view of the road. Put on a fresh pair of winter wiper blades to cut through snow and ice instead of using regular rubber ones. Exchange windshield wiper fluid with special anti-freeze washer fluid to spray in freezing conditions.
  1. Keep an emergency car kit all the time, especially in winter. Have a blanket, flashlight, road flares, batteries, snacks, ice scraper, bottled water, gloves, matches, boots, oil, jumper cables, a first aid kit and extra warm clothing.
  1. It is difficult to see the road clearly in dark mornings and evenings, to avoid any risk make sure your lights are clean and working properly, replace any broken bulbs immediately.

These five main steps will prepare your car for a winter drive and help you make sure that you are safe when driving conditions get tough. Just remember, to keep a safe distance from the car in front, and leave more time to brake and accelerate in wet or icy conditions.


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